They came to a land full of people

October 11, 2021

Columbus ships
Photo credit: Brian Crawford

Biden was the first president to declare Indigenous Peoples' Day. Learn more about the history of United States territory and the story of the treaty. Read more ->

How much would it really cost to fund our schools?

September 8, 2021

Students in class
Photo credit: elinerijpers

The American public school system has been underfunded for decades. But what would it really cost to fully fund our schools? Read more ->

What about the opioid epidemic?

May 1, 2021

Oxycodone pill
Photo credit: Dominic Milton Trott

Half a million people have died from drug-related causes in the last twenty years. Where are we today? And how has the COVID-19 pandemic impacted the opioid crisis? Read more ->

The life story of your plastic bag

April 10, 2021

Plastic bag
Photo credit: derriel street photography

We use a lot of plastic bags. Ever wonder where it all ends up? And what really happens when you recycle that bag? Read more ->

How is Israel vaccinating so quickly?

January 9, 2021

Pfizer BioNTech vaccine
Photo credit: Marco Verch

Israel is leading the world in vaccinating its population against COVID-19. What are they doing well? What can the United States learn? Read more ->

How big is your bubble?

December 29, 2020

New York City sidewalk
Photo credit: Kevin Case

Trump lost the election, but the "blue wave" never happened. Pollsters, media companies, and voters were left wondering how they misunderstood the Trump voter. Are we living in a bubble? Read more ->

(De)fund the police: How much do we spend?

November 2, 2020

Police directing traffic
Photo credit: Jane M.

High profile police shootings have reignited calls to reduce police spending or defund police departments entirely. But just how much do cities actually spend on police? Where is police spending actually going up? Read more ->

Tracking college reopenings and the coronavirus

August 30, 2020

Photo credit: U.S. Navy

We're tracking how the reopening of colleges and universities is impacting COVID-19 infections in neighboring communities. Read more ->

The virus and the slaughterhouse

June 28, 2020

sea Ice
Photo credit: m_takahashi

Meatpacking plants and slaughterhouses have emerged as major COVID-19 hot spots. But how safe were these workers to begin with? Read more ->

Underwater: How much will sea level rise?

May 17, 2020

sea Ice
Photo credit: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Scientists are warning that the ocean levels are rising faster than ever. How much ice is melting, and who will be impacted the most? Read more ->

How we die: Top causes of death in the age of coronavirus

April 20, 2020

Photo credit: kickize

Car accidents, drownings, drug overdoses. How does the new coronavirus compare to other causes of death in the United States? Read more ->

Unemployment: the economic costs of COVID-19

April 11, 2020

Dad needs job
Photo credit: Dain Nielsen

As businesses close because of the coronavirus, unemployment is skyrocketing. See which states are most impacted. Read more ->

Country vulnerability to pandemics

March 30, 2020

Photo credit: Eneas De Troya

Which countries are the most vulnerable to global pandemics, like coronavirus? Read more ->

Key COVID-19 statistics, by country

March 8, 2020

Photo credit: Jason Scragz

Track which countries have been impacted by the new coronavirus, COVID-19. Read more ->

Our most peaceful age? Trends in U.S. military spending

March 1, 2020

Photo credit: Defence Images

How much does the U.S. spend on its military? We put the country's military budgets in context. Read more ->

The majority who participate: voting in America

December 19, 2019

Photo credit: michael_swan

With less than a year until the next presidential election, all eyes are on voter turnout. Learn who votes in America, and where people are being left behind. Read more ->

Jobs and salary: by the numbers

November 23, 2019

Construction Workers
Photo credit: Sean Hagen

Job numbers are up, unemployment is down. But what does it mean for your salary -- and for the future of work? Read more ->

A brief history of immigration to the U.S.

June 10, 2019

Border Wall
Photo credit: Ray Perezoso

Rising migration, child separations, and a border wall. Learn how we got here, with a historical perspective of migration to America. Read more ->

Riding the subway: Uber & the future of American metro

March 2, 2019

Photo credit: Alejandro Mallea

Explore American subway systems and see how Uber has changed ridership across the country. Read more ->

Drivers of gun deaths in the United States

November 22, 2018

Photo credit: thebarrowboy

See the relationship between gun ownership, gun control policies, and firearm-related mortality in the United States. Read more ->

Medicaid work requirements & the cost of childcare

October 20, 2018

Hospital room
Photo credit: Rick Kimpel

Learn more about how parents with young children could be affected by Medicaid work requirements. Read more ->

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